Nail Care

At Luxury Spa, our Manicure, Pedicure will nourish and leave your hands, feet throughly pampered & revitalized. We are dedicated to helping you relieve tension, while replenishing and nourishing your skin in a clean and safe environment. W e sanitize our tools and seal them in sterilized bags for each use and our pedicure sinks are sanitized between each service.

Classic Manicure & Pedicure Combo – 38
A beauty ritual to keep hands & feet looking their best. Your nails will be professionally clipped, shaped & buffed. Cuticles are cared for. This is followed by a massage with your choice of lotion. Finally, a base protein strengthener & a top coat are applied along with our finest nail polish.

Classic Manicure – 15 / Pedicure – 25

A relaxing and refreshing treatment for the hands. Your fingers are soaked in an aroma- therapeutic foaming bath. The nails are reshaped, cuticles are cleaned up, and the hands are massaged with a refreshing warm lotion.

Sport Manicure & The Rock Pedicure Combo – 40
An exclusive treatment designed to address overplayed, over­worked, rough hands, aching feet. Give them a break & pamper yourself. To complete this treatment, a deep massage followed by a hot steam towel to soothe nerves &
relieve tension will leave your hands, feet feeling like new.

The French Manicure – 20 / Pedicure – 30
This treatment includes all of the wonderful pampering of the classic manicure, but is finished up with a beautiful French technique. Your nails will be polished with a pale pink and free edge with a soft white. This is an elegant and sophisticated manicure.

Petite Manicure & Pedicure – 30
A wonderful experience for treating those little girls. They feel like a Princess when they dip their royal nails, toes into a hand crafted glass of the luxurious bowl. finally, the nails will be topped off with her favorite shade of fun color & design.(for girls 12 & under)

Polish Refreshers: Hands – 8 / Feet – 10
French Polish Change: Hands – 10 / Feet – 12
Parafin Treatments: Hands – 7 / Feet – 8
Nail Buff & Shine: 5
Callus Treatment: 5 & UP
Nail Design: 5 & UP

All spa manicure & pedicure treatments include cleaning, shaping, cuticle care, nourishing, massage & polish.

Luxury Signature Manicure (30 minutes) – 25
Spa manicure turn your classic manicure into a relaxing experience with this rejuvenating hand & nails treatment. It starts with a rich blend of crystalline Citric Acid & Vitamin E to exfoliate dry surface skin. Then your hands & arms are given a soothing massage followed by an ultra­moisturizing cream serum to smooth & soften. Nails are then polished
to perfection.

Luxury Signature Pedicure (45 minutes) – 40
Your feet will enjoy a therapeutic soak followed by an exfoliated Creative sea salt glow treatment to remove dead, dry skin. You will experience a distressing massage from your knees to your toes. A rehydrating Marine Mask is then applied over your feet & wrapped by hot towels for added warmth. You will feel your tensions slip away as the nourishing mask smoothes & soften your skin. To finish, the polish of your choice is applied with a base & top coat to help it last! A special A.H.A sea curb & cucumber hydrating heel cream are applied. Recommended for those who need extra attention to rough, dry skin ( $5 extra charge).

Mango Manicure (30 minutes) – 25
Mango Pedicure (45 minutes) – 40

A delicious fragrant treatment inspired by the fruit of the tropics. The Mango Manicure and Pedicure utilizes Mango derived enzymes along with fruit acids designed to gently remove keratinized dead skin cells $ callouses. The enzyme removes the top layers of skin leaving a younger
smoother skin with uniform pigmentation. The skin is then enveloped in a rich butter cream that contains Shea butter, Vitamins A, C, D, &E for softer, silkier & smoother skin.

Citrus Paradise Manicure (30 minutes) – 25
Citrus Paradise Pedicure (45 minutes) – 40

Benefits: Energizing & Balancing Rejuvenating Vitamin C adds clarity, brightness, and firmness to your skin’s complexion, moisture balancing Vitamin E equalizes and replenishes your skin. A crisp and sensual foot therapy. A superior cleansing fruit bath infused with fresh lemons, oranges, and/or lime slices and essential oils which release toxins & brighten skin tone dramatically includes our leg & foot massage with tuscan citrus & herb, rich in anti-oxidants, ensuring the health of legs & feet concluded with your choice of lacquer.

Private Couple’s Manicure/ Pedicure
Have your very own retreat. This experience takes place in an exclusively private room where you can choose any Nail Care services on our menu. Let us take you away to a place of pure relaxation.

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